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Rural tourism - Agrotourism

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The trends in tourism have changed in the past years as a result, amongst other causes, of the economic crisis we are living. Precisely one of the most significant tendencies has been the growth of the rural tourism, for two reasons: because it is more economic and because it allows you to get relaxed in the best way, being in full contact with nature.


This matter that we are dealing with led has to the fact that the tourism that takes place in rural environments has evolved in various and specific forms based on some activities or objectives. In this sense, it should be noted without any doubt, the so-called agrotourism.

A concept which comes to define all kind of rural tourism which the final objective in having the traveler discover what life is like in the field, how the man in that environment gets fed and earns a living, as to say, what are the various tasks that give shape to agriculture and cattle.

Learn how to cultivate, discover how is a day to day with a pastor or how indigenous food is made, using as resources raw materials obtained from the land, are some of the experiences that will have people that are committed to spend few days of rest or vacation practicing this type of tourism that is experiencing such success.

What are the reasons for this boom? Here are some of the most relevant reasons:

  • The tourist finds the accommodations in this class, and in the companies that organize the various activities, a very close and familiar treatment.
  • It is a new experience that allows travelers to live new situations that will undoubtedly enrich them.
  • Being surrounded by nature is a great way to disconnect, forget about problems and be in harmony with oneself.
  • It is a way to discover the essence of life and how you can enjoy the day to day without having many material goods. It gives you the chance to know and give the value deserved to all the small pleasures of life.
  • Undoubtedly agrotourism is also an activity that makes us aware of how important it is caring for the environment and protecting it at all times if we want have a good quality life.

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