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Can Marça’s Cave

How is it possible that such a small place like Ibiza can hold such extraordinary treasures is still a mystery for many. But the truth is that this tiny island in the Balearic Archipelago is full of surprises, of leisure, sports and adventure that will surprise those who are there to know the best kept […]

Beaches and Coves, Things to do

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella is one of those essential places that everyone that travels to Ibiza should visit. A small stretch of sand that arises between the mountains, crystal clear water that does not lose the blue limpid purity of the Mediterranean and a small town that seems pulled out of a fairy tale; make the perfect […]

Beaches and Coves, Things to do

Discover Ibiza’s amazing seabed

If we had to outstand something of Ibiza to act as ambassador of the island it would be, without doubt, the beaches and the crystalline waters. The turquoise color has given these beaches their international reputation. There is absolutely no tourist that does not want to enjoy a swim in these idyllic coves when they […]

Beaches and Coves

Talamanca beach is a must-see destination in Ibiza

Talamanca is one of the places that you will find very near our hotel in Ibiza Ca n’Arabi. It is one of the landmarks of Ibiza where you can enjoy peace as well as one of the most iconic beaches of the island. It is usually one of the places to enjoy the night, having […]

Beaches and Coves, Rural Tourism

Sunsets in Ibiza

The fact of having paradisiacal beaches makes all tourists spending their holidays in the Balearic Islands not being able to miss the opportunity of enjoying these beaches, not only for swimming or playing sports but also for witnessing unforgettable sunsets in Ibiza. Beaches such as Playa Las Salinas and Cala Salada as well as places […]

Beaches and Coves

Cala Salada, Ibiza

If you want to enjoy the tranquility, great weather, an incomparable natural environment and crystal clear waters during your holiday in Ibiza you have to know that your favorite destination will be, without any doubt, Cala Salada. This is a small spot near the city of San Antonio that has become synonymous of relax and […]

Beaches and Coves

Cala Gració, one of the most desired beaches

Within just 2 km north of San Antoni, there is one of the spots most admired by the lovers of the beaches in Ibiza. Cala Gracio stands out for its soft white-sand and crystal clear waters that invite you to take a dip. The beach is ideal for both adults and children because of its […]

Beaches and Coves

The Playa de las Salinas

The “Playa de las Salinas” is located about 10 minutes from the town of Ibiza and about 20 minutes from our hotel. This beach receives its name from the salt mines in the south of Ibiza, and its main characteristic is its form, a long sandy curve surrounded by pine trees and dunes. The beach […]

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