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Beaches and Coves, Things to do

Can Marça’s Cave

How is it possible that such a small place like Ibiza can hold such extraordinary treasures is still a mystery for many. But the truth is that this tiny island in the Balearic Archipelago is full of surprises, of leisure, sports and adventure that will surprise those who are there to know the best kept […]

Beaches and Coves, Things to do

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella is one of those essential places that everyone that travels to Ibiza should visit. A small stretch of sand that arises between the mountains, crystal clear water that does not lose the blue limpid purity of the Mediterranean and a small town that seems pulled out of a fairy tale; make the perfect […]

Things to do

Museums in Ibiza

A trip to Ibiza can be even better when you visit some of the most complete museums that you can find on the island. The variety of museums available in Ibiza is large, with dedicated centers to different themes in order to cause interest among all different types of people.

Beaches and Coves, Things to do

Discover Ibiza’s amazing seabed

If we had to outstand something of Ibiza to act as ambassador of the island it would be, without doubt, the beaches and the crystalline waters. The turquoise color has given these beaches their international reputation. There is absolutely no tourist that does not want to enjoy a swim in these idyllic coves when they […]

Locations, Things to do

Have fun seeing Ibiza with the Santa Eulalia tourist train

One of the funniest activities you can do during your holiday at Ibiza is to take a trip on the tourist train of Santa Eulalia. Young and old will enjoy the tour allowing you to see some of the places of local interest. The train departs at 10:30AM willing to make you discover Ibiza’s beauty. […]

Rural Tourism, Things to do

The best markets streets of Ibiza

The island of Ibiza has strong roots with the aesthetics of the hippy world and it’s ideology that goes back to the early 60’s. Today this feeling lingers especially in the hippy markets of the island where you can find all kinds of handmade crafts. The most famous hippy market in Ibiza is Las Dalias […]

Things to do

Water sports in Ibiza

The main attraction of the Island of Ibiza is all the beaches. The fact is that at each beach, with golden sand and crystal clear waters, you can enjoy not only the good weather but also a wide range of water activities. If you’re planning on visiting this corner of the Balearic Islands we suggest […]

Rutas en coche por ibiza
Things to do

Ruta en coche por Ibiza y Santa Eulalia

Si en tu próximo viaje a la isla de Ibiza tienes claro que no sólo deseas disfrutar de las playas y locales de ocio sino también conocer en profundidad algunas de las ciudades más importantes, siempre podrás realizar una ruta original. Si alquilas un coche podrás llevar a cabo interesantes y atractivos recorridos por algunos […]

Actividades que hacer en ibiza
Things to do

Actividades no acuáticas en Ibiza

Es cierto que Ibiza se convierte en el destino de muchos apasionados de los deportes náuticos a la hora de disfrutar de unas vacaciones. Y es que la isla cuenta con un amplio abanico de posibilidades en este sentido. No obstante, no es menos cierto que  Ibiza también ofrece una gran variedad de actividades no […]

Things to do

3 essential restaurants of Ibiza

The island of Ibiza not only has some of the best beaches of the Mediterranean, it is also possible to enjoy high quality gastronomy, combined with sun and the tranquility of a few days off, holidays in Ibiza become the most desired time of the year. Of all the restaurants that the island offers we […]

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