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Museums in Ibiza

Museums in Ibiza
A trip to Ibiza can be even better when you visit some of the most complete museums that you can find on the island.

The variety of museums available in Ibiza is large, with dedicated centers to different themes in order to cause interest among all different types of people.

Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera

Who visit this museum, one of the most important on the island, will find historical pieces that perform a complete review through the various ages of mankind, starting in prehistory. There are two buildings which by themselves are very relevant but also in the interior they have a collection of high valuable materials.See web

Cabrera Museum

To visit the “Parque of Cabrera” is not only interesting because of the landscape and facilities but the museum is also only reserved to visitors. It´s located in what was once a cellar and let´s you take a look at different objects and items related to the nature of the park.

It´s also a good opportunity to discover the history of the center while you are enjoying the botanical garden.

Casa Broner

Since the year 2010 Casa Broner offers the opportunity to enjoy a valuable museum dedicated to the figure of Erwin Broner, a German architect and painter who was born in 1898 and died in 1971. The facilities of the house are used as a multipurpose museum space where expositions are held as well as other surprises for visitors.

A visit to Ibiza can also be complemented with other museums on the island, amongst them:

Museo de Etnografía de Eivissa
Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa
El Museo Puget en Dalt Vila

All of them have collections and artworks highly recommended that will make more special all tourist visits in the area.

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