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Sunsets in Ibiza

Atardeceres en IbizaThe fact of having paradisiacal beaches makes all tourists spending their holidays in the Balearic Islands not being able to miss the opportunity of enjoying these beaches, not only for swimming or playing sports but also for witnessing unforgettable sunsets in Ibiza.

Beaches such as Playa Las Salinas and Cala Salada as well as places such as Puerto de Sant Antoni are some are of best places to enjoy those mythical and breathtaking sunsets that happen to be one of the most beautiful images that any visitor saves forever in their memory.

If you are thinking of visiting Ibiza soon and want to know the most amazing places where to enjoy these sunsets, here are some of the spots that will take your breathe away:

    • Cala Bassa. The pine forest surrounding it, is one of the reasons why this beach is considered one of the most enigmatic and with more charm of the island. Therefore, to see a sunset here is something absolutely magical.


    • Cala Benirrás. Very close to San Miquel de Balansat you can find this virgin beach with crystal clear waters and beautiful cliffs that make the twilight count with an incomparable setting.


    • Cala Conta. This beach, near Sant Antoni, is very quiet which makes it possible to enjoy the sunset peacefully while listening to live music that is played in some of the bars that surround it.


These are some of the most special places to enjoy sunsets in Ibiza. However, for many people, the most spectacular sundown is to be enjoyed on the terrace of Café del Mar, in the same town of Sant Antoni, where you can see the sunset while listening to chill out music in the background.

Estos son algunos de los espacios más significativos para disfrutar de los atardeceres en Ibiza. No obstante, para muchos la caída del Sol más espectacular es la que se disfruta en la terraza del Café del Mar, en la citada localidad de Sant Antoni, y es que se ve la misma mientras suena de fondo música chill out.

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