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Three reasons why to stay in a rural hotel

Hotel rural Ca n'ArabíIn recent years rural tourism has experienced a significant growth. It is defined, in a general way, as a tourism that provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy unique corners away from the bustle of the big cities and also a place where you can breathe fresh air.

The stress of our day to day makes us need to flee and escape temporarily from this sensation and to be able to rest in an accommodation of this type where we can find in many different geographical Spanish locations such as Ibiza where we outstand the Hotel Ca ‘n Arabi.

These are some hints we wanted to highlight on the reasons that have led more and more people to do rural tourism for their holiday. However, here we show you which are the three main reasons for staying in a rural hotel:

    • Silence. The urbanites who wish to find a destination without the bustle and noise of people will find this type of accommodation their true paradise. It is that such establishments are located in corners in full nature where the only noise you hear is the chirping of birds, the howling of the wind or the flow of rivers and lakes that are nearby.
    • Outdoor activities. Another interesting alternative that rural hotels offer is that they give you the opportunity to participate in a lot of leisure activities to be carried out in full nature. This would be the case of hiking trails, fishing, horseback riding, etc.
    • Traditions. The third alternative and interesting advantage that offers staying in an accommodation of this type is that normally it allows guests to participate in events and customs of the people where it is located, as would be the case of farming or livestock.


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