Agroturismo Can Arabi - Rural Hotel in Ibiza

Can Arabí Agroturism in Ibiza

At Can Arabí Agroturism in Ibiza we will set up an unforgettable stay for you. You can enjoy the lovely tranquility and spend the day in the Hotel or in some of the most beautiful beaches in the world swimming in the turquoise water … you choose !

Charming rural hotel in Ibiza

Can Arabí is definitely one of the top exponents of rural tourism in Ibiza with its gardens, its harmonious environment that integrate perfectly with the body of the Hotel and the pool area.

Your Boutique Hotel in Ibiza

Agroturism Ibiza Can Arabí, your Boutique Hotel in Ibiza is situated in an unique natural environment that is ideal for lovers of rural tourism in the middle of an orange tree plantation at the outskirts of Puig den Valls (little village) and just about 2 kms. away from Ibiza Town (about 2-3 minutes by car). Check our location

Can Arabí Rural Hotel in Ibiza

In the countryside, but only 5 minutes from the center of Ibiza

Our finca was a real cattle-farm in the beginning of the previous century that has been renovated with special care not to lose it's style and original character and has been elegantly changed in our precious country house with amazing gardens and swimming pool that it Now is


Founded in 654 BC. Only 100 years after the founding of Rome, by the Phoenicians. Our old name Ibossim, was dedicated to the god Bes. Being in the middle of the sea did not mean at any point that we were isolated. On the contrary, we were in the middle of the highway and we got influences from all Mediterranean cultures. The Romans already mention our wool, figs, wines and salt. How many travelers will have spent these thousands of years here? We do not know, but it is that spirit our people hast that welcome in a special way from the first hippies to the last clubber.

Have a taste of Ibiza in Can Arabí

At Can Arabí Rural Hotel you can also enjoy a fantastic breakfast, lunch or dinner at our restaurant realising how the incredible atmosphere positively influences one. You can be sure that we will take care of your stay, that will be a pleasure !

Visit our restaurant Can Arabí

Enjoy Ibiza from Can Arabí

We can also suggest unique and creative solutions helping to expand your options to unwind during your holidays in Ibiza island that you can be sure we have picked really carefully.

Enjoy Ibiza from the Agroturism Can Arabi

Let us suggest all kinds of unique and appealing activities so that you can enjoy everything the island of Ibiza offers: environments, landmarks, leisure and gastronomy. Your stay will not only be wonderful in our hotel , but we will do our best, with advice, reservations and recommendations, so that the experience on the island is memorable too.

The Spiritual Ibiza

Ibiza is an island that surpasses the physical plane on to a spiritual one, exists in the imaginary of many people, in their day to day even without being here. The high walls of the city, the beaches, the tranquility of the countryside, the proximity to the countryside and the sea, all together makes for many a part of their lives and talk about our land as their own island in particular, that everyone ends up talking about "my" Ibiza.


“Great place. I will definately go back next time I am in Ibiza”

“Great rural boutique hotel ..”

“Lovely out of town hotel”

“very relaxing”

Agroturismo Can Arabí Ibiza

Light up your holidays, fall for something new. Enjoy your sunny beach holidays and disconnect. Are you ready for a shortbreak in Ibiza? You can be confident that in Can Arabí there is a smart and expertise team to make your getaway a dream come true
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